Many teacher-led activities are suitable for using choral responding (all students in the class
external image clip_image001.gif or group respond orally in unison to a teacher prompt). Choral responding is ideal for curriculum content that:
  • can be answered in short (1-3 word) responses
  • has only a single correct answer to to question
  • can be presented in a fast-paced manner.
The teacher should introduce choral responding by providing clear directions and modeling the procedure. To avoid confusion, the teacher should use a clear, consistent cue to signal to students to respond. (The instructor may also choose to institute a 'thinking pause', having students silently collect their thoughts before giving them the signal to answer.)

When choral response is used, some students may offer incorrect answers; the instructor should provide feedback to the group about the 'majority' response (the response called out or signaled by the largest number of students). The teacher can keep students focused on the group activity by occasionally calling on a randomly selected individual child to answer. Choral responding works best when delivered at an appropriately rapid pace.